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Master Summer 2021
 Florence Figure Workshop

A Master Artist will lead students on an artistic journey in the birthplace of the Renaissance.

Following the tradition of the Italian Masters we will emphasize drawing and painting as the root of classical art in Florence, Italy.


Workshop Location


The Workshop will be held at:

 Via Aretina 293 

Florence, Italy 

The studio is in a quiet Italian neighborhood of Florence, with shopping and amenities near the studio.


Workshop Information

In​ Florence, the Artistic centerpiece of Italy, students will study Figure Painting and Drawing:

  • Tuesday and Thursday mornings each week students will draw from the masters in Florence museums.

  • Monday and Friday mornings each week, and weekends, students will  independently explore the wonders of Florence with the complimentary Uffizi Card.

  • Wednesday each week workshop will start at 11:00 in the studio.

  • Afternoons will be devoted to figure drawing and painting from life from 2:00 - 6:00 pm.​  Students will have the opportunity to develop a long pose figure painting in the classical tradition from start to finish. 

  • Total studio time 44 hours.


Museum Visits


On Tuesdays and Thursdays students will meet in the center of Florence at 10:00 am to work from special museum sites in central Florence. Guided by Master Artist Jon deMartin, students will hear lectures and sketch from sculpture and paintings at the great museums and churches of Florence.

  • The Palazzo Pitti 

    • Palatine Gallery

    • Gallery of Modern Art (Neoclassicism to the 1930s)

    • Boboli Gardens

  • Chiostro dello ​Scalzo

  • Uffizi Gallery on your own (included in complimentary ticket)


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